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"A Quality Education in a Distinctively Christian Environment."

Principal's Message

Dear ECS friends and family,

As we approach the dawn of a new academic year, I am filled with a profound sense of anticipation and excitement. Each new year brings with it a fresh opportunity for growth, learning, and spiritual enrichment within our beloved Emmanuel Christian School family.

With hearts full of gratitude, we reflect on the blessings of the past year and eagerly embrace the promise of what lies ahead. Our dedicated faculty and staff have been diligently preparing to welcome our students back to campus, eager to nurture their minds, ignite their spirits, and guide them along their unique educational journeys.

As your principal, it is my sincere privilege to walk alongside each of you, cultivating an environment where faith, knowledge, and character flourish hand in hand. Together, let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that the coming year will undoubtedly bring, confident in the knowledge that we are strengthened by our shared commitment to Christ-centered education.

May the love of God continue to inspire and guide us as we embark on this new chapter together. I am deeply honored to serve as your principal, and I look forward to the countless moments of joy, growth, and discovery that await us in the days ahead.

In His service,

Mark Bolinger

Principal, Emmanuel Christian School (Go Eagles!)

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun


Who are we?

The mission of Emmanuel Christian School is to love every student and to challenge them academically by teaching every subject from a Biblical Worldview. We have served Wabash County for more than 40 years! This continuity shows the strength of an ECS education and the value of our ECS community. Our vigorous academic programs coupled with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities prepare each of our students for success in the greater community. As a Pre K - 12th grade campus, our smaller school size and close-knit staff allow for greater levels of involvement and care than other, larger schools.


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