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#1 Our Biblical Foundation

The mission of Emmanuel Christian School is to love every student and to challenge them academically by teaching every subject from a

Biblical Worldview.


We strive to show each student the life-changing love of Christ. We seek to declare Christ's love through what we teach, how we live, and the way we work together.


We guide students to achieve greater heights than they ever thought possible. We want to help students achieve their best academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.


We desire that our students have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Further, we aspire to see each child live out the gospel of Christ in their daily life. Our dedicated faculty, facilities, and extracurricular offerings provide every student with the opportunity to explore and develop their God-given gifts and talents. Students are provided opportunities to live out their faith as they participate in regular Bible classes, weekly chapel, community outreach events, and other leadership opportunities.


#2 Our History

Emmanuel Christian School has served Wabash County for more than 40 years! This continuity shows the strength of an ECS education and the value of our ECS community.

Emmanuel Christian School has been blessed with over forty years of success because of the hand of God upon our school. From the humble beginnings in 1982 to the present day, we have seen numerous accomplishments and triumphs that not only reflect the dedication and hard work of our staff and students but also the grace and mercy of our Creator. As we reflect on our past and look forward to the future, we are grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon our school, and we trust that He will continue to guide and sustain us in the years to come.

#3 A Well-Rounded Education

Our vigorous academic programs coupled with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities prepare each of our students for success in the greater community.

  • In the Accreditation process by American Association of Christian Schools.

  • Sports opportunities year-round for students elementary through high school.

  • Chess Club

  • High School Praise Team & Choir

  • Basketball and Volleyball

  • Ministry and community outreach opportunities.

  • American Christian Honor Society 

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#4 The ECS Community

As a Pre K - 12th grade campus, our smaller school size and close-knit staff allow for greater levels of involvement and care than other, larger schools.

​One of the biggest advantages of attending a small school is the sense of community and support that you receive. When you attend a school where everyone knows your name and greets you with a smile, it's much harder to get lost in the crowd or feel left out. Your teachers and classmates become more than just acquaintances - they become people you can rely on and trust. Additionally, small schools often offer a more personalized education experience. Teachers can tailor their instruction to your individual needs, and you're more likely to receive one-on-one attention and support when you need it. Overall, the sense of closeness and community that comes with a family-like atmosphere in a small school can have a lasting positive impact on your education and personal development.


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